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The Tables made the news three different years - each year we didn't think we could surpass the year before but ........  
the Tables Rule!

Our first year we made the Examiner ....

We were interviewed by Channel 2, Channel 4,
Channel 7, The Chronicle, The Examiner and more...

Here's our picture that came out in the Examiner

Lesha leading - followed by Susan, Leah and Joyce

We made USA TODAY 
MAY 2008


We WON the B2B 
costume contest in 2008!!!!

We also made the World Journal.  
Our picture title says something like 
"Dining Table Mama's"

We appeared in 6 newspaper publications, countless web sites and many photo albums.... everyone liked to take pictures of the  tables..


we just had FUN!

BUT the real surprise was to be on the 
Examiner's 100 year commemorative edition cover 2011
Only 7 pictures and we were one of them

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It's a flathead catfish,  normally in rivers but in this case a lake.
Apparently a slow news day for the Fayette paper.
Don't worry we put him back - he's had a long life and we hope will have a lot longer.

Sisters 2004 
Elaine, Joyce & Sue

My favorite CCI pool day picture
 A beautiful day, a nice swim......... a Jacuzzi and your rubber ducky....... what more could a retriever ask for?

Excuse me..... ahh.......pup on the right....  
that's the pool thermometer you have in your mouth...

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