Taebo's Puppy Raiser was
Lybbi & Bob
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

South East region

I was in touch with Bob W. of Davie, FL.  Bob is a CCI volunteer and works with Lybbi, he was the first to tell me that Lybbi would be getting a male pup from my "T" litter and was able to get me in touch with Lybbi..

Lybbi turned in Josh II to CCI Advanced Training 2/17/01 when she picked up Taebo.  She did the Puppy Raiser Speech at the 2/17/01 graduation and then she and Taebo did two TV shows so they are off to a running start.  

Taebo was up to 16.5 lbs by the time he got there.... yes he's going to be a BIG boy.  He is Lybbi's 3rd CCI puppy.  Josh was their second CCI puppy and was recently turned in with high hopes ........now inters Taebo.

Their first pup Samuel graduated May 13, 2000 from NE as a Successor dog and is now living in Cape Cod with Mary Ellen Leab and her husband Tom.  

(left) Samuel and Mary Ellen.  

Josh and Taebo, isn't this just the BEST picture???

Taebo is doing wonderful with the exception of fair hips. He is 74 lbs and tall and long, Lybbi thinks part of his limping is due to growing pains... we're sure hoping so. She says he is such an affectionate dog, does his commands well and doesn't like to get into trouble. Taebo has a couple of other names "Baby" and "Wiggle Butt"

Turned in for Advanced Training May '02.

Lybbi said  "Our beautiful Taebo went of to college on May 18 where he met Tipper again and thought she was beautiful.  I told Taebo I better not get a phone call from Kathy telling me your getting released for flirting with all the girls.  Taebo was a real heartthrob."


Taebo was placed with an 8 year old boy named Paton 2004.  Taebo looks for him and puts his head on Paton's lap.  I'm sure Taebo will miss Tipper since they have been sharing a kennel with each other at Advanced Training.  Lybbi is so proud of her sweet boy and now we have some pictures.

Taebo, Jessica & Patton & Jessicas mother in law

Patton & Taebo in his tuxedo
Jessica & Jason Patton & Taebo at Lybbi's  4th pup Ingos Matriculation.With  Bob & Lybbi Taebo is doing great & loves his new family ....they adore him.   Taebo goes to Little League & Bowling with Patton..... Taebo has even gotton a strike & a spare !!!!!!

Lybbi (and Bob) have now also Puppy Raised Ingo and they are on their 5th pup who is named Kienzle in their honor..... he gets their name and  they get to raise him.....  WOW!  They are also involved in many other CCI activities...... GOOD JOB!

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