Trans International Airlines (TIA)

Joyce - Hong Kong
DC10 engine 1977

Joyce - Philippines
DC8 engine 1975

I flew for TIA during the 70's.  TIA was a Non-Scheduled Charter Airlines like flying Tigers and World Airways.  Our average trip was at least 10 days and they were almost always international.  When TIA promised world  travel  they didn't mean just  Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris, Rome and London....they also meant places like Diego Garcia,  Northern Greenland, Africa and Viet Nam (ahh you may know there was a war going on there at the time).  

We worked hard and very long hours and we played equally.   I have many pictures of TIA crew parties, flights and travels to share here. If you flew for TIA in the 70's  you might see yourself or someone you know,  I know you'll see some sights you remember!

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Norm Moonitz was a Captain for TIA 
He flew in the Israel Air Force before TIA

 This photo was taken on July 15, 1948, only minutes before American pilots Bill Katz, Al Raisin and Norm Moonitz (standing, third from left) took off from Czechoslovakia on Israel's first bomber raid of the War of Independence. Israel's entire bomber squadron consisted of the B-17 shown here and two others, all of which had been smuggled out of the United States only a month earlier. The main target for the historic raid was the Egyptian capital of Cairo.
Photo courtesy of Norm Moonitz

Steve Lantz was also a TIA Captain

 This award-winning photo taken at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2005. Photographer Bonnie Bartel captured this touch-and-go by EAA member Steve Lantz of Crystal Bay Nevada in his Tahoe Special Experimental Republic Sea Bee. The photo earned Bartel a Second Place award in the 2005 Fence Check photo competition and an Honorable Mention in the 2005 Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine photo contest.

Captain Norm Moonitz in his Snoopy hat April 25, 1977
My last flight was a ferry flight and I rode it the cockpit for touchdown.

Doug Baker - Engine Room in c/p out of Anchorage 2006

Doug Baker was a TIA Flight Engineer - here he is taxing a DC8 out for take off in Honolulu 2006
Remember the old Hong Kong Airport? 

Remember the old Hong Kong Airport?  I do.
It always appeared that we were going to collect the laundry hung on top of the buildings as we came in.

If the approach wasn't enough fun, note that the runway is short.  More than one went off the end, or the side and into the bay.

Missed approach?  See those hills?

Yep, another hard right turn and climb, baby, climb!

The weather was usually not clear.  Clouds were the norm, with fog or mist, and sometimes heavy rain.  it's tropical there.  There was an approach to the other end of that single runway.  it wasn't much better.  More hills and the "missed approach" was a hard left turn to avoid hitting the tall buildings and checkerboard mountain!

Did I mention what braking was like on a rainy day on that short runway? 
At ILS "Minimums" you break out of the clouds at the top of the hill!!!!  First one to see it calls "Checkerboard in sight"!!!!

Now.... hard right turn and dive!!!! .... and don't mess around, or you simply won't make it!!!  Is that a short runway or what????

Strong cross winds were common.... so you had to "crab" all the way to the runway!!!!  Over shoot, and you're in the drink..... kick it out of the crab too soon, and  you're blown back off the runway..... wait to late and "crunch" #4 engine!!!

A page from a TIA Brochure

View my Pictures & Memories of TIA Trips by Year
[1971]  [1972]  [1973]   [1974]  1975]  [1976]  [1977]

View my Flight Logs for Trips & Crews by Year
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